Being futuristic is the best way reaching;  our future, our people, our products, all the things that we have in our universe. without leaving our past experiences behind, 
we link our future with our present. 

morrie cares the keys:
#changing, #originality, #innovation, #culture, #society, #sustainability.

 We use the data, we find the best ways, we design the best things. We attribute our work as a New Generation for all types of Generations. 

Morrie Marr was founded by an enthusiastic and multidisciplinary group of friends that have a strong desire to use their creativity freely and challenge the industry’s lack of diversity. Our team unites different backgrounds; education, ethnicity, discipline, and this formation brings versatility and flexibility to our projects. As young artists growing in the middle of chaos, Istanbul is a remarkable city, a home for people like us. Thus, we chose Kuzguncuk, the most eye-catching and neighbor- friendly area for putting down roots. We appreciate the history and the inspiration that lives within these cobblestone streets, the street animals, and the importance of our collaborators visiting our four-story building, a building that Morrie Marr produces the most exquisite, one-of-a-kind projects.

1. Transparent communication.
2. A collaborative reasoning.
3. Strategy development by gathering experts together.

We believe that these three fundamental principles produced from the dynamics of the industry create effective, sustainable resources. We approach brands that prefer clear and friendly communication, customers that are looking for trust, and well-designated projects. We are developing short-medium-long-term strategies according to the client’s needs.

Our main difference from other advertising agencies is transparency and collective work policies. We do not ignore the experience of any industry professionals. We evaluate those experiences to build the future of brands with their leaders. More so, we ensconce the keyword “New Generation” – the most prime factor of our age – in our construct to provide purpose, value, economic power, and customer mass in the long run.

Morrie Marr has been established in January 2021, and 50% of the customer portfolio in June forms international entrepreneurs and brands for the international target audience. The accurate strategy, creating sustainable resources, keeping up with the modern age, taking shape quickly and wisely, and offering creative approaches are fundamental bricks of our working principles. Thus, working for new brands and projects that we share the same vision is our main priority. Human rights, animal rights, climate change, and sustainability are the main titles we show tenderness when determining our limits.

We have all the dynamics in need of creative output under one roof.
When our projects and brands need visual and sound design, the entire team works together for integrative and qualified outputs. This togetherness allows us to see different perspectives, shape and diversify our projects, and take control of all the problems that occur in the process of developing a project.

Creativity Is The Common Strongest Suit In Our Members.

As a new generation ad agency, we do not only sound bold, also work boldly. Each content is self-made, unique, and represents our stance. We help brands to rediscover their inner potential and become successful in the newest generation way.

In Pre-Production, We Translate The Scenario Into The Film.

We analyze the chemistry behind the script and start knitting.

Each knit takes time as we perpetually converse with industry professionals and continue with great determination.

Once we finish all the details about the movie, we bring them together in post- production, where the magic begins.

In Ad Making, We Always Maintain Our Language While Combining It With The Client’s Needs.

In ad making, we always maintain our language while combining it with the client’s needs.We ensure the powerful, clear message to be driven by the visuals and sound and create a sustainable brand image.

Ads aren’t just temporary business interests, their entirety showcases the brand and its quality.

PR Goes All The Way Through Large Companies To In-House Jobs.

PR goes all the way through large companies to in-house jobs. Regardless of the magnitude of companies, we reassure our customers of successful press and deals.

Our PR team doubles their connections in each operation they take. If you have a PR team work for you, then you know it’s a long process coming. But we guarantee that the trust won’t take long to be built.

Morrie Marr isn’t only a 360-degree agency that serves brands in all areas, also an agency that develops and produces its projects. In this way, we can use the experience and knowledge of our projects in line with our brands’ goals.

Take A Look At Our Featured Projects​

How we imagined
the Products of NAUTICA in a Film we made

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Some of the partners & clients we’ve worked with

Discover Our Record Label:


Morrie Records

Morrie Records is a record label that responds to all the needs of the artists in the newest generation way.


Morrie Production

Morrie Production is a production agency that produces various animations and film series besides the production of Morrie Marr and Morrie Records.


Morrie Gallery

Morrie Gallery is a medium where artworks are exhibited as physical and crypto art.


Studio Morrie

Studio Morrie is an online store that combines manufacturers with designers and brings original design products with specific concepts together.

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Morrie Marr isn’t only a 360-degree agency that serves brands in all areas, also an agency that develops and produces its projects. In this way, we can use the experience and knowledge of our projects in line with our brands’ goals.

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